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Bronzed by B | Body Silk (Various Scents)

A luxurious, yet lightweight body lotion that is easy to apply and quick to absorb. Don't let that fool you - it is ultra-hydrating and will have your skin beaming with happiness through every changing season.

Organic coconut oil is added in both scents for a bit less rich of a texture, as our skin's needs change in the warmer months.

Brazilian Sunshine features added Guava Extract - rich in Vit. A, B and C, helps to prevent day-to-day wear and tear on the skin, including being known to slow signs of aging + lends an extra subtle fruit scent.

The silky finish will have you dreaming of cashmere and the ingredients actually work to regenerate cells and boost collagen production deep within while improving skin texture.

Scented in an uplifting, yet grounding Sage + Citrus or juicy + warm Brazilian Sunshine

8 oz/225 gr - amber bottle with pump with flip top