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Bronzed By B | Body Oil

Dry/dull skin? Spilt ends/flyaways? Don't worry. You have found your new *can't live without* multi-tasking oil! 

Think you have to sacrifice luxury because of harsh ingredients? Not here babe! Vegan and luxury can coexist and darling... they do. Oh, do they EVER! 

In this bottle you will find: A deeply hydrating blend of oils chosen for their ability to hydrate, smooth, reverse enrivonmental damage and keep skin and hair youthful. Suitable for body and hair use. 

100% vegan, cruelty and paraben-free! A true ode to luxury you can feel good about using.

As the oils melt in, you are left nourished and glowing! 

With the scent Vanilla Bourbon - cozy, sophisticated smoked vanilla with a dash of Kentucky bourbon! It's snuggle season!