Bronzed by B | Whipped Body Scrub (Various Scents)

Ever wish you could use one product and get squeaky clean, while you slough away rough skin, and be left hydrated? Now you can! This is pure skin heaven baby.

This creamy whipped body scrub is lighter in texture for our unique warmer month skin needs. It features a delectable blend of skin-loving organic shea butter, ultra-hydrating oils, and the perfect amount of fine organic sugar cane. It functions as a 3 in 1 to:

  • mildly cleanse while protecting skin's natural moisture barrier
  • exfoliates dry, rough skin - revealing the softness you have been longing for
  • hydrates and locks in moisture

Scent options:

Brazilian Sunshine - Escape to the beach with juicy tropical pineapple, coconut water blended with warm caramel, vanilla, and sunshine. I can already see it now - hot sun, shades on, not a care in the world. A slice of paradise and a dose of hydration.

Sage + Citrus - Wonderfully uplifting, yet peacefully herbal, this bright and awakening blend begins with energizing splashes of crisp lemon and tart, juicy grapefruit. Centering notes of the warm, earthy sage ground the scent and you are left daydreaming of nature and the beauty all around you.

Just be careful - it can make your tub a bit slippery!